This Article presumes deep understanding of Joomla. A on the job inauguration of Joomla is required.

Let's say you want - or in recent times deprivation - to initiate a Site in recent times like EzineArticles or equivalent. If you are impassioned on exploitation a much taxon CMS, and not an article-site targeted script, you strength deduce nearly exploitation Joomla. That is e'er a suitable conclusion.

If you well-tried to use Joomla as it is, next to the default Article Management you will in a while cognizance its limitations, There are some flaws that will slow down you to pull off your parcel of land approaching a executive Article publishing Webservice.

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1. You have to brand the users Editors. Regular users (Registered) do not have the rightly to instigate Articles. You have to produce them manually Editors. This may possibly occupation for whatsoever website concepts, but for maximum an automation would be reaction.

2. Users Cannot scene their submitted smug. There is no detail of submitted articles.

3. Administrators do not get any presentment per email when a new Article was submitted.

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4. Users do not get an email due process when their Articles got sanctioned and published

5. Users do not get a communication or due process of law when their Article is NOT conceded.

6. Article Submitting surface is confusing and fairly difficult for trainee users and users not used to Joomla interface. There are any features that are not needful in a well-ordered piece based website. For example the undivided mosimage construct is just a throbbing for a regular user, since no webmaster in the precisely head would let any individual to upload media on their dining-room attendant. Also the livelong emblem embedding thought that Joomla uses is not massively primitive for the basic event mortal.

7. The maximum irritating part of the livelong Article Management modus operandi is the plausive regulations of Joomla. By non-attendance in that is no way to device the unpublished placid or even to have the up-to-the-minute submitted articles first-year. Imagine you have hundreds of articles only submitted by users and nigh on 10 submitted a day. To insight these and to bank check the contents you have to survey after the nickname or someways authoritarian the roll.

8. There is no way to have a reject-edit-republish work flow. That vehicle if your individual publishes an piece that you then reject, here is now machine to guarantee that the someone gets a natural action on his mistakes so he can postedit the nonfictional prose and return it. This is a main drawback in the article theory of any fair nonfictional prose commercial enterprise website.

Looking for overcoming these shortcomings of Joomla we well-tried to breakthrough a set of components that permit you to realize these tasks and use the normal Joomla article Management. We do not well-tried out heart hacks or comparable since these are rugged to uphold to the most recent performance of Joomla and likewise could mess about near opposite components that are important for a corking Joomla Website (Community Builder, etc)

We looked in individual riches in the anticipation to breakthrough an unified cure for our hitches. We could lone find spread components that solve quite a lot of of the problems, but not in the way we hoped:

JA Submit and Ninja Simple refer -

- simplifies the substance process

- allows non-registered entry (not our desire m) but overcomes the hassle next to manually fashioning the users Registered.

- Remove few of the difficult errors Joomla throws at the inadvertently user


- Allows users to expurgate their chivalric submissions

- Allows users to unpublish their content

- Allows users to refer in any section

Article Factory Manager -

- The commencement of this thing went short a problem, purely approaching a connatural Component. Then we ready-made a Menu (displayed only for registered users) beside few golf links to the of import functionalities of this element. We definite "My Articles", "Submit new article", and " my Resource Box"

- An fascinating fact the mechanism introduces to our advancement is the "resource box". This is a teeny inscription box allowing one and only constricted HTML code in it (just Anchor and Breaks - a and br ). This is an records box in connection with the person that will be appended to their submitted articles. This way users set free their message and backlinks sometime and can focus on the Article message procedure.

- Another shipshape factor we disclosed and that proves to be a exceedingly neat for us webmasters that do not poverty our webpages to turn around into a link arable farm - is the rule of the digit of anchors in an nonfiction and individually in the Resource Box. This way we assure that users will not subject articles beside a lot of links in them short having to slight them. They simply cannot refer them.

- We were merrily stunned likewise by the HTML tags cutting possibility, a facet that carpet all tags in any case the allowed ones. As we discussed near the authors, all "script" tags are instinctively patterned unheeding of your settings. This is a must-have wellbeing piece.

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